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Welcome to Home Heating Ireland - the internet guide to heating your home in Ireland

"There's no place like home", is such a true statement especially in the wet damp climate of Ireland where we spend so much of our time. For the best part of 6 months we spend much of our time cooped up in our homes. That said, there is nothing quite like sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold winters night.

Unfortunately with the turbulent cost of home heating oil and other fossil fuels and the increase in awarenes of carbon emmissions more efficient heating methods are required. Also since Jan 2007 all new homes in Ireland are certified to a BER Ratings Standard. We aim to help make the prospect of heating your home in Ireland more efficient and sustainable.

What heating systems are now available and how do I choose?

There are lots of new technologies to assist in heating the home including Solar Heating, Geothermal Heating Systems and Wood Pellet Boilers as well as the more traditional methods such as Oil Heating, Coal Heating etc.

Home Heating Ireland

We here at Home Heating Ireland.com plan to make that process easier and smoother.

There are many systems out there each having their merits. Like everything else the system that you choose should be well planned in advance so that your heating requirements are fully met.

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